DAOrayakiResearch|Subsocial:A Social Networking Protocol Based on Polkadot & IPFS.




Team members:


  • Acala.
  • OpenSquare.
  • Crust.

Subsocial governance mechanism:

Roles and Permissions:

  • Everyone: refers to any account on the Subsocial blockchain.
  • None: no account can do this.
  • Follower: any account that follows a given space.
  • Space owner: a current owner of a given space.

Spaces as DAOs:


Subsocial incentive mechanism:

Token tokenomics:

Token distribution in genesis block:

  • 20% Team & advisors.
  • 10–20% Private sale.
  • 20–30% Public sale.
  • 20% Dev grants, marketing, early adopters.
  • 20% Kusama PLO (parachain lease offering).


  • Tips: Are the simplest way for an author to get paid from the community, where an author can get paid per post, per comment, or even per space.
  • Subscription: In this case the author offers private content to different types of subscribers.
  • Selling or Renting: Subsocial made it possible to sell content as well as rent out posts or spaces, where the author retains the ownership and receives income.
  • Monetization-custom: any space-owners can provide his own custom algorithm for monetization, such that the only limit they face is their creativity.

SoFi: DeFi side by side with Social Networking


Contact information:



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