DAOrayaki Reserach |To Design a Decentralized Media Operating by DAO

To Design a decentralized content contributor DAO

First of all, the traditional media operates in such a way that:

The Backers & Viewers of DAO

A DAO composed of subscribers are funded directly by the subscribers, depending on the content of different interest groups. In this way, the funders (a significant portion of the subscribers) naturally become members of the DAO. Members of the DAO have three kinds of power:

Executive Committee: DAO Committee

The DAO Committee is the Executive Committee and has several functions:

Contributor Network

Contributors are the producers of content. Contributors can earn incentives by submitting content specified by the DAO (given that the content passes being published), or by completing Bounty grants.

Active Incentive vs. Passive Incentive

There are two forms of incentive rules — — active incentive and passive incentive. Active incentive can be done through a separate proposal, or Bounty grants. Passive incentives can be accomplished through incentive rules set by the DAO. For example, the default incentive for a media/content contribution network is “If A submits content and the executive committee decides to publish it, then A gets X reward.”

DAOrayaki: a decentralized media for the study of DAO

We now use the above model to design a media DAOrayaki that studies DAOs and on-chain governance mechanisms.

DAOrayaki’s content categories

·DAO Project Analysis

DAOrayaki’s content voting rules and incentive rules

The DAO Committee is required to vote on any article submitted. A simple majority (>50%) of the articles are approved for publication. Contributors of original articles that are published will receive 100 USDC, and posted-translated articles will be awarded less than100 USDC.

The content coverage of the project analysis articles

0. Projects Introdution

Appendix 1: DAO Landscape

Appendix 2: DAO Governance

Appendix 3: Join DAOrayaki

At this stage DAOrayaki is not open for licenseless funding.

Learn More:

DAOrayaki Reserach |CurveLabs: Architecting Cybernetic Solutions for the Distributed Economy



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DAOrayaki is a decentralized media and research organization that is autonomous by readers, researchers, and funders.