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Brief Overview About PleasrDAO

PleasrDAO is a collective of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists who have built a formidable yet benevolent reputation for acquiring culturally significant pieces with a charitable twist. Since the DAO purchased its genesis piece, pplpleasr’s Uniswap V3 NFT, the DAO has evolved and elevated its mission to collect digital art that represents and funds important ideas, movements and causes that have been memorialized on-chain as NFTs. PleasrDAO has set a precedent for bidding on unique pieces, many of which have powerful messages that transcend crypto.

Project Summary

PleasrDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that rapidly organized on Twitter in order to purchase pplpleasr’s genesis NFT. The animation, titled x*y=k, was created to celebrate the Uniswap V3 launch, and all proceeds from the auction aimed to benefit Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, among other minority groups — and PleasrDAO made it clear they wanted it in their collection.

Foundation and PleasrDAO

In April 27th, 2021 Foundation.app interviewed the PleasrDAO’s Chief Pleasing Officer “Jamis Johnson” on how the group came together to purchase the fourth highest-selling NFT of all time.

PleasrDAO and NFTs

PleasrDAO is a DeFi native. There are enough art collectors out there, and PleasrDAO is not trying to compete with them. It has a token distributed internally, and will distribute more with each round — and, eventually, PleasrDAO would like to include the public as well. Taking fractionalizing into consideration so that everybody gets a share of ownership, and using some pricing mechanism to circulate it in public.

PleasrDAO Vision

There are few things PleasrDAo wants to do, including collecting NFTs, becoming angel investors, and operating as an incubator. The group wants to angel invest in early-stage projects, similar to MetaCartel — but with a focus on NFTs. PleasrDAO members are extremely talented, and many of them are VCs, programmers, and artists. The group wants to utilize the treasury to push the space forward and support the teams that are doing that.

PleasrDAO Team

  • Jamis Johnson — Jamis Johnson is Chief Pleasing Officer at PleasrDAO. Machine learning engineer, blockchain investor, motorcycle enthusiast, aging skateboarder, NYC history buff, crossword, cruciverbalist, armchair economist, and stand-up comedy fan boy.
  • Tarun Chitra — Founder & CEO of Gauntlet. Tarun is an alumni of D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES), Vatic Labs, an HFT firm, and Cornell. He fell into the blockchain world in 2011, when he was working on ASICs at DESRES and observed Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs substantially delay DESRES’s ASIC production. He has spent the last seven years working on simulation-based R&D at the intersection of high-performance computing and AI and is applying this knowledge to the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Matt Condon — Full Stack Software Engineer with a strong interest in developer communities, blockchain, and infrastructure. Matt is currently swapping for PaperclipDAO, hosting Digitally Rare, a part of Steak Network, and currently building XLNT.
  • Mariano Conti — Mariano was working for MakerDAo developing the Dai Stablecoin System, the Dai Credit System. From smart contracts to price feed keepers. From infrastructure to user interfaces. Part of the DappHub Initiative. Mariano work experience includes: PaperclipDAO, ETH Dashboard, Element Finance, SelloutDAO, Maker and others.
  • Santiago Roel Santos — is Angel investor focusing on tech and healthcare, Founder of EON Capital, formerly Crypto-asset investing at ParaFi Capital, Founder of Roca Capital. Santiago became involved in Bitcoin in 2013 after realizing its potential to disrupt the remittance industry and to democratize the access to information and services. Beyond disrupting legacy businesses, he is most excited about the rise of new forms of decentralized models powered by blockchains.
  • Cooper Turely — Cooper Turley is Editor at DeFi Rate, Scout at MetaCartel DAO. Chance favors the connected mind. Focused on building communities by making crypto cool again. I help early-stage companies find a compelling narrative from day one.


Website: https://pleasr.org/

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