DAOrayaki Research |The APIS:A Middleware Protocol Designed for Decentralized Read-Write Protocol



Team members:

  • A multi-industry veteran, Calvin has built for traditional firms, such as Zappos, JP Morgad and Wells Fargo. Calvin had led the development of three DeFi projects: Titans Finance, Maximus, and Molecule. He earned an EECS (Electrical Engineering & Compuer Science) degree from Univeristy of Californa, Berkeley.
  • Shain has designed and built critical infrastructure for cybersecurity, medical imaging, and insurance companies. He has co-led the development of numerous DeFi projects. Shain graduated from the UC Santa Barbara and now mentors young developpers accors the South Bay of Silicon Valley.
  • Andrew is currently the Managing Director of Bizantine Capital. Previously, he was a Partner at Crusoe Capital and Director of Bizantine Consulting Group. He received a BS in Product Design from Stanford University.
  • Max is a Founding Member of Stanford Unviersity’s Future of Digitial Currency initiative and works with Central Banks and global corporations to promote the research of digital currency.
  • Jessica graduated from Cornell University. Over 5 years of experience in this field. Seeking to be the link between the creative minds and technology things.

The APIS governance and incentive mechanisms:

Governance (voting):

Dispute Resolution:

Rollup Validation:

Burn fee:

API Token:

Token distribution:

  • 43% to the APIS community members.
  • 21% to team members and future employees with 2-years vesting.
  • 19% to community treasury with 1-year vesting.
  • 17% to DApp Partners with 2-years vesting.

API Token Utility:

  • Staking by APIS Nodes and APIS Gateways: Nodes and gateway operators are required to stake a number of API tokens and that is to establish their network presence.
  • Dispute resolution: This mechanism allows API holders to determine whether Nodes or Gateways acted suspicious.
  • Staking by Optimistic or Zk-Rollup validators: this feature is anticipated and planned to be in place within a year.
  • Governance: various ways to decide on new APIS contracts and upgrades through a voting system.


Contact information:



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