DAOrayaki Research |Boson Protocol:Decentralized Commerce Ecosystem



Team members:


  • Tech unicorn builder: As global MD, blitzscaled Priority Pass Group from a $50m to $1Bn revenue digital voucher marketplace.
  • Blockchain strategy consultant.
  • Digital business model researcher:
  • MSc innovation.
  • Digital Currency.
  • Lead engineer:
  • Major bank & payment systems, including Central Bankof Slovenia.
  • Blockchain technologist:
  • Taught masters blockchain courses Blockchain architecture consultant & dev.
  • Computer science background:
  • Master Business informatics, MSc Digital Currency.


  • Ocean Protocol Advisor.
  • Investor.
  • Imperial College London Cryptoeconomics Advisors.
  • Founder
  • Blockscience Token Engineering Advisor.
  • Founder
  • Outlier Ventures Advisor.
  • Investor.
  • Unlawcked Legal & Governance Advisor.
  • Founder of $MEME Project Product Lead at Consensys.


  • Chief Strategy.
  • Protocol Design.
  • Ecosystem Architect.
  • Token Engineer.

Boson Protocol governance mechanism:

Boson Protocol incentive mechanism:

  • Supply-side acquisition and demand-side distribution of inventory.
  • Early adopters, to overcome the chicken and egg effect.
  • Curation and redemption of quality inventory.
  • Data sharing and monetization.
  • Formulate the problem.
  • Try an existing pattern.
  • Use a new pattern only if needed.
  • Sellers and Buyers: Actions coordination via smart contracts.
  • Keepers: Support providing to the operation of the ecosystem.
  • Aggregators: Non-custodial hubs for multiple Sellers.
  • Resellers: Custodial power Buyers that have their own, out-of-bond non-custodial buyers.
  • Voucher Kernel: set of smart contracts that cover the business logic.
  • Token pool: Accumulated tokens residency.

NFT Vouchers:

Commitment Tokens:

Core exchange mechanism:

Thing Tokens:




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