Nov 7, 2021

1 min read

DAOrayaki Received Approximately $48,000 funding from the Gitcoin GR11

DAOrayaki, a decentralized media and DAO research group, received approximately $48,000 funding from Gitcoin GR11.

According to the official results of Gitcoin, the decentralized DAO research media DAOrayaki received a total of $47,667 in Gitcoin’s 11th grant round. DAOrayaki is the project with the largest number of community support and matching funds in the Gitcoin Decentralized Governance (dGov) track. Among them, $9,238 comes from 3596 community contributors, and $38,429 comes from the Gitcoin GR11 dGov matching pool.

DAOrayaki is a decentralized researcher organization and decentralized media, which organizes funders and research content contributors through DAO. The DAOrayaki DAO funds research, translation, analysis, and other work by researchers all over the world through the form of DAO. It is initiated by the core community members of DAOONE, which is China’s first DAO organization. It received its first batch of funding and support from Dora Factory.

Next, with the great support and contribution from Gitcoin, the DAOrayaki community will be able to implement Futarchy governance for dMedia, and fund a bigger contributor community to research DAO & dGov in the Ethereum ecosystem & beyond. Big thanks to the Gitcoin community!